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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

$5 MILLION reward for ex-Guantanamo inmates who turned back to terror

  • Two former Guantanamo Bay inmates are on the State Department's most wanted list with $5 million rewards for finding them
  • Othman al Ghamdi and Ibrahim al Rubaysh became leaders of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula after they were freed - and sent to a Saudi 'rehab' scheme
  • Four Yemenis were freed last week and sent to same program after being given heroes' welcome in Saudi Arabia and embracing their families 
  • Documents show one of the freed detainees had been corresponding with another freed prisoner who is thought to have returned to terrorism 
  • More are being prepared for release but it is unclear if President Obama will be able to push them out of the Cuban detention center before he ends his term
  • J.D. Gordon, a former Pentagon spokesman who was adviser to Trump campaign, tells he fears more released detainees will kill 

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