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Friday, July 1, 2016

History Is Made! Taxpayers Now Have the Privilege of Paying for Sex Changes

History Is Made! Taxpayers Now Have the Privilege of Paying for Sex Changes

Thursday - June 30, 2016

RUSH:  Well, history is being made as we speak.  The Defense Secretary is lifting the ban on transgenders in the military.  You know why?  So that we, now as taxpayers, will have the privilege of paying for sex change procedures.  Oh, you don't think -- ask Chelsea Manning about that, if you doubt me.


RUSH:  No, you've got that wrong.  The reason why we can let sexually confused people in the military now, is because we've got ISIS on the run.  Don't you remember what Obama said yesterday and John Kerry said?  They're desperate.  We have them on the run.  They're losing.  So we've got time now to expand the scope of the Department of Defense, which is really shrinking. 

You know, the number of people in the Army, the number of ships in the Navy, I mean, it's -- and what did I just read today?  The Navy's getting rid of the word "man," like you can't say corpsman. The Marines are not -- (interruption) Which is it, the Marines or the Navy doing it?  I thought it was the Marines resisting the change, thought it was the Navy that was making the change.  Well, it's one of the two.  I don't have the story, didn't print it out. 

But I mean the number of ships we have in the Navy is way down.  The number of actual soldiers in the Army is way down.  Whoever the next president is, if we're serious about national defense, has got to build -- (interruption) It's the Marines.  The Marines are eliminating the word "man" in 19 job titles, to make women feel more comfortable.  Yeah, yeah.  Okay, so it's the Marines doing it.  I thought it was the Navy.  Doesn't matter.  It's one or the other.  And now we are opening the armed forces to transgenders because we got ISIS on the run now. 

ISIS is on the run to Orlando.  They're on the run to San Bernardino. They're on the run to Fort Hood, right, they're on the run to Times Square.  Yeah, we got 'em on the run now.  We do. Folks, I'm not kidding.  The Defense Secretary just did a long press conference announcing this historic change, lifting the ban on transgenders in the military.  That's certainly not going to help ISIS recruit anything, is it?  
No.  No way. 

I'm sorry.  You know what?  It's the Marines and the Navy that are both getting rid of it.  It's the Air Force that is keeping "airmen."  The Air Force.  I knew one of the branches was holding on to tradition.  But it's the Marines and the Navy both that are eliminating the word "man," m-a-n, from 19 different job titles.  All of this while supposedly focusing on actual military matters. 

I did tell you long ago that the military is not the place for social experimentation.  But that's what it's become. It's what the left has always wanted it to be.  It's exactly what it is, a social laboratory.  The United States military, something they control, call it a test environment.  Some of these silly social policies they believe.  Social justice and all of that.  


RUSH:  All right.  So I got some snarky emails for a comment that I made not long ago. About a half hour ago I made mention that we were witnessing history.  The Secretary of Defense announcing the lifting of the ban on transgenders in the US military.  And I said this is all so that we, US taxpayers, will now have the privilege of paying for their sex-change operations, and I got these snarky emails, "That's not what it's about. How dare you!"  Everything you can imagine, words I can't repeat here.  Well, let's go audio sound bite 24.  After the press conference is a Q&A, a reporter and Secretary Carter had this little exchange.

REPORTER:  Someone who is already in the military, if he is -- he or she is deemed medically, uh, if sex change surgery is deemed medically necessary, the military will pay for it?

CARTER:  That's correct.

RUSH:  I rest my case.  You people, don't doubt me here.  I don't care, you leftists, when I nail it you're obviously gonna be offended.  A little lesson for you leftists going forward.  The more offended you are, the more correct I am.  That will be a good rule of thumb for you.  Don't doubt me.  So if I say something here and you're a leftist and you get offended and righteously indignant and outraged, you should now take that to mean I'm right.  Otherwise you wouldn't get so ticked off.  The reason you get ticked off is 'cause I'm right about it. 

This is exactly what this is partially about, paying for sex-change operations.  I don't just pluck these things out of the air.  I remember. I have a great memory, almost as good as Trump's.  And I remember what they did out in San Francisco as part of the city health care plan.  What do you think the addadictomy procedure came from?  The city of San Francisco now pays for sex-change operations for members of the city administration and city employees.  Look at Bradley Manning, who is now Chelsea Manning.  Don't doubt me. 

Why would the question even be asked?  Of all the questions that you could ask, here the Secretary of Defense has just announced lifting the ban on transgender people in the military, and the question that somebody comes up with is, "Well, if somebody who's already in the military, he or she, if a sex change surgery is deemed medically necessary, the military would pay for it?"

"That's correct."  That's one of the first questions the Secretary of Defense was asked.  What do you think this is about?  Creating a new group of warriors?  

Feds ask for 27-month delay in release of Clinton staff emails

By Julian Hattem - 06-30-16 17:31 PM EDT

The Obama administration on Thursday asked a federal court to delay until October 2018 the release of 14,000 pages of emails from aides to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a court filing on Wednesday, administration lawyers said the State Department miscalculated the amount of material it would need to process the documents as part of a lawsuit with the conservative organization Citizens United.

As a result, the government asked for a 27-month delay to release the emails, which were originally due out on July 21.

"State deeply regrets these errors, and is working diligently to correct them as quickly as possible," the lawyers said.

Citizens United has sued for emails between a handful of State Department officials and people at the Clinton Foundation and a consulting firm, Teneo Consulting, which has ties to the Clintons.

Among other errors, State officials said than an initial test looking at just 300 emails, which was used to calculate the amount of time necessary to process the emails, neglected to include keyword searches of the messages. Instead, they only searched the "To" and "From" lines of the messages, which failed to catch many emails.

State Department officials also "inadvertently" labeled some email attachments as irrelevant to the open records request, without checking them to make sure.

The department has long had reputation for responding slowly to requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), with delays spanning years.

But the demands have grown dramatically as Clinton has proceeded through the presidential election process, and the department's current estimates can sometimes seem comically long.

In a separate case involving the Republican National Committee, the State Department estimated that it could take at least 75 years to compile emails from a handful of Clinton's aides.

A department spokesman later defended the estimate as "not outlandish."

"There's been dramatic, significant surge in FOIA requests to the State Department in recent years, which we are working very, very hard to clear and to respond to," State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Thursday, while declining to discuss the Citizens United case in particular.

Since 2008, he added, the number of FOIA requests to State has tripled. In fiscal year 2015 alone, the department has received 22,000 separate requests.

"The other thing I'd say is that these requests are also frequently more complex, and increasingly seeking larger volumes of documents requiring more time, more resources, and frankly more interagency coordination," Kirby said.

In the Citizens United case, the department has assigned four new staffers to work on the request part-time. But most of them are also working on several other cases, the Obama administration said in its court filing, and their ability to comb through emails has been slowed by their "relative inexperience."

As the requests under the Freedom of Information Act have shot up, so too have the number lawsuits filed against the department for slow responses.

- Updated at 6:20 p.m.

Thirteen-Year-Old American Girl Stabbed to Death in Her Bed By Palestinian Terrorist

Katie Pavlich

Last night Hallel Yaffa Ariel was asleep in her bed when a 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist wielding a knife stabbed her multiple times. The attack took place in Hebron, Israel, which is in the West Bank. She was taken to a hospital where she died from her wounds. The terrorist was shot by security forces in the neighborhood and posted on his Facebook page before breaking into the home, "Death is a blessing." Ariel's mother described the attack:

“Like all adolescents during summer vacation, my daughter was asleep — tranquil, calm — and a terrorist came and murdered her in her bed,” Rina Ariel, the mother of Hallel Yaffa Ariel, told reporters outside Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem where the teenager was taken after sustaining critical injuries in the attack earlier Thursday.

This afternoon, the State Department confirmed she is an American citizen, but did not mention who is responsible for her murder. 

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms the outrageous terrorist attack this morning in the West Bank where a 13-year-old girl, Hallel Ariel, was stabbed to death in her home. This brutal act of terrorism is simply unconscionable," State Department Spokesman John Kirby released in a statement. "We extend our deepest condolences to her family. We also understand another individual who was responding to the attack was wounded by the attacker. We extend our hopes for a quick and full recovery."

Hundreds of people attended Ariel's funeral this afternoon.

Earlier this year American and West Point graduate Taylor force, who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was stabbed to death in March while on a trip to Israel during his transition out of the U.S. Army.

Seven Americans have been killed by Palestinian terrorists in the past year.

Photo credit: Times of Israel

Federal judge goes all in against rule of law, tosses stare decisis

The Email Controversy Continues

Connor Hoffman

Yesterday, even more news on the on-going Hillary Clinton email scandal surfaced with the release of the deposition of Clinton aide Huma Abedin. According to Abedin, Clinton did not want the emails on her private server to be accessible to "anybody," and also the server created some communication problems for Clinton.

If you haven't heard of the newly-discovered withheld Clinton emails, check out this wonderful write-up by Guy Benson to get yourself up to speed.

One of the big communication problems with Clinton's private email was that messages sent from her private email to her State Department email were marked as spam and not received. 

Abedin even raised this concern to Clinton in a 2010 email. "We should talk about putting you on State e-mail or releasing your e-mail address to the department so you are not going to spam," wrote Abedin. 

This technical problem resulted in Clinton missing an important phone call with a foreign minister, according to Abedin's testimony. 

"Her initial e-mail was about a phone call with a... foreign minister, which she missed and missed the call because she never got the-- I never got her e-mail suggests-- giving us the signoff to do it. So she wasn't able to do her job, do what she needed to do" said Abedin. It seems like her convenience trumped her ability to perform her job, although it is Clinton we're talking about so it's not very surprising. 

Also, Abedin defended Clinton withholding her private emails, but her response isn't convincing and reinforces the suspicion that many still have over this whole ordeal. 

"Just like you wouldn't-- I would imagine anybody who has personal e-mail doesn't want that personal e-mail to be read by anybody else," said Abedin. That would make sense for any normal person, but Clinton was the Secretary of State and we have a right to see all her emails. I mean, look at these recently recovered emails that Clinton deemed personal.

Another interesting thing that this deposition uncovered is the fact that Clinton may have indeed been hacked, despite her claims that her server and private email were completely secure. During the deposition, Abedin mentioned that she was told by a State Department IT employee that she wasn't receiving mail on her Clinton email account, because he thought someone was trying to hack them. 

Abedin repeated Clinton's line of thought that the private email server and account were allowed by the State Department, even though a recent Inspector General report proved that the server would never have been allowed if she had requested permission for it. 

In typical Clinton fashion, her campaign criticized the Judicial Watch lawsuit for trying to advance political purposes, despite the fact that it has been proven that Clinton lied multiple times about her emails. 

"Judicial Watch represents everything that is wrong with our political system," said Nick Merrill, a Clinton campaign spokesman. "Manufacturing wrongdoing has been central to their singular agenda since their inception. Worse, they do this by clogging up the courts at the expense of tens of millions of tax-payer dollars."

Check out the whole deposition for yourself here

This week’s polls show improvement for Trump

(Paul Mirengoff)

This week saw the release of six major surveys of a Clinton-Trump head-to-head race. Five of them have Clinton in the lead. They are IBD/TIPP (Clinton +4), Fox News (Clinton +6), PPP, a Democratic firm (Clinton +4), Quinnipiac (Clinton +2), and Reuters/Ipsos (Clinton +10).

One poll, by Rasmussen, has Trump ahead (+4).

Quinnipiac and Reuters had the largest sample sizes. The margin of error (MOE) for these two polls is 2.4 and 2.8, respectively. The MOE for the Rasmussen poll is 3.0. The largest MOE (3.5) is for the IBD/TIPP poll.

Collectively, these six polls suggest that Clinton leads by about 4 points. That’s a statistically significant lead but not a very large one. The previous week’s polling suggested that Clinton’s lead was 7 points.

Clinton doesn’t reach 50 percent in any of the six recent polls. She averages a little under 44 percent.

There were also six polls released this week of a three-way race that includes Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. Five of the six were by organizations that also polled the two-way race. The sixth poll was by Economist/YouGov. It had Clinton 5 points ahead of Trump. Rasmussen didn’t do a poll that included Johnson.

Even with no Rasmussen survey to help Trump, Clinton’s average lead was under 5 points.

Yesterday, FiveThirtyEight estimated that, based on its analysis of polls, Clinton has just about an 80 percent chance of winning in November. The polls it relied on show Clinton leading Trump by 7 points. If the lead is 4 points, then Trump is less of a long-shot. 

I continue to believe that, assuming no criminal indictment or FBI recommendation of one, Clinton will prevail. However, the most recent batch of polls suggests that the contest may be a tight one and that Trump has a decent shot at winning.


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Calling Out Radical Islam

“The bombs in Vietnam explode at home,” admonished Martin Luther King at the outset America’s incursion in Southeast Asia. The ensuing carnage from that ill-fated war has taken on new dimensions four decades later in the aftermath of Bush’s equally disastrous invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the ancestral country of the radical Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen who declared his allegiance to ISIS as he perpetrated the deadliest terrorist offensive on American soil since 911. It is no accident that the devastating Istanbul airport suicide bombing perpetrated by ISIS was inflicted on a country that had likewise participated in those invasions.

Three years ago I put forward an innovative method of identifying terrorists and preempting their intent using a fusion of psychological profiling and breakthrough Israeli WeCU technology (designed also to protect the innocent). I wrote, “FBI procedure of investigating and interviewing suspected terrorists — which failed to identify the Army recruiting station shooter Carlos Bledsoe in 2009, the Fort Hood assassin Major Nadal Hasan the same year, and the Boston bombers — is inadequate and outmoded.”  Now add the Orlando mass murderer to the noxious radical Muslim mix. He was interviewed three times by the FBI and incredulously taken off a terrorist watch list.

In the wake of the Orlando massacre CIA director John Brennan admitted that ISIS is intensifying its global initiative and that we are “losing the battle.”

And yet Obama and Hillary Clinton and a good many Republican politicians are fastidious in not calling out radical Islam, refusing even to name the declared credo of the enemy. It is as if identifying radical “Islam” and its history is somehow anathema to humane sensitivities. At present the intrepid Trump stands alone in employing the term and confronting the malaise, albeit amidst vast media ignorance and vilification.

This decline in media discernment was presaged by William Buckley, arguably the most prescient intellect in American journalism in the 20th century. In a discussion on Firing Line entitled “The Rising Tide of Islam,” he cautioned, “The general ignorance in the Western world concerning Islam and its power, latent and active, to move men and create historical events is widely deplored and universally cultivated.”

The time when a prominent political figure like President John Quincy Adams could speak the truth about the usurping nature of radical Islam with impunity is long past. Yet we are now experiencing the “desolation and delusion” he observed in this form of Islam spreading over an “extensive portion of the earth.”

Not even Voltaire’s Enlightenment critique of Mohammed’s brutality and proliferating influence, candidly articulated in a letter to Frederic II of Prussia, would be heeded in the present climate of craven ‘political correctness,’ timid denial, and false, saccharine sentimentality. Nor the reflection of  Alexis de Tocqueville, the preeminent French historian of America’s unique democratic institutions, “There have been few religions in the world as deadly” as that of Islam.

Mahatma Gandhi, the foremost moral leader of our time, valiantly contended with what he saw as the culmination of “thirteen hundred years of imperialist expansion” of Islam. Gandhi perceived its “bullying” bearing as the “natural excrescence of an aggressive spirit.”

Still, it was none other than Thomas Jefferson, conceivably the most brilliant and far-sighted of our presidents, who, having read the Qur’an eleven years before composing the Declaration of Independence, envisioned Muslims as one day being assimilated as citizens of our republic. Yet this ideal was tempered by the eruption of those same usurping elements in radical Islam that is sweeping across Europe and encroaching on America today. When the Barbary states of North Africa waged a war of piracy, enslavement, and submission on American ships, the then President Jefferson asked Libya’s ambassador to London by what right this was taking place. He related the answer to Secretary of State John Jay, and to Congress:

The ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.

The militant proselytizing of this credo, under which Churchill forewarned, “The civilization of modern Europe might fall,” continues to resonate in the Orlando massacre and indeed throughout Europe. Sweden has become the rape capital of the world since unvetted Muslim immigration was introduced in the 1970s.

It was Jefferson’s first act in office to dispatch forces to counter the piracy, enslavement, and ultimatum of submission on the Barbary shore. Now as nearly a century and a half later the malaise has reached America’s own shores, it is time that rigorous, enlightened counter-measures be adapted to still more compelling mandates.

There are tentative signs that the largely mute Muslim community is assisting in some measure in identifying Islamic militants in our midst, as investigative liaisons have reported. Such liaisons are incumbent on both the values of America and the Muslim-American community. The more radical Islamists continue their murderous Jihad in America, the more vulnerable to prejudice will become higher-minded Muslims, those who aspire to Jefferson’s ideal of assimilation.

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