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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Shocking! Celebs Protest Trump’s Refugee Move

Hollywood has predictably reacted in horror to an executive action by President Donald Trump.

Late Friday the president signed an executive order that indefinitely bans refugees who hail from Syria, temporarily bans citizens from several predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S., and bans all refugees for 120 days — until refugee vetting practices can be updated.

Liberal celebrities and others instantly took to Twitter when the news broke. Apparently they had never heard Trump’s campaign promises, speeches and position points for the better part of the last year-and-a-half, and they’re now “outraged.” And as celebrities and public figures continue to vent their angst on social media Sunday morning — stirring up others along the way — the words “temporarily” and “to protect Americans” aren’t making it onto the list of their 140 characters.

Pakistani-born “Silicon Valley” star Kumail Nanjiani went quite the curious route, tweeting:

“How to make terrorists: 1. Ban everybody from a certain group from entering the country. 2. Wait.”

The actor also mistakingly called Trump's move a "Muslim ban," which is factually false.

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"Who's The Boss" star Alyssa Milano shared a photo of herself and her friend Alaa Mohammad Khaled to show solidarity with those "harmed" by the ban.

“My best friend, Alaa Mohammad Khaled, is Muslim. His parents were Palestinian refugees. His brother is DJ Khaled. #RefugeesWelcome,” she tweeted.

Comedian Seth Rogen went so far as to urge his Twitter followers to join him in a protest outside the Federal Immigration Office in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, "Scandal" star Kerry Washington tweeted this: "Sick to my stomach today about the #MuslimBan," again misunderstanding the refugee order from Trump.

Actor/director Rob Reiner raged: "Along with liar, racist, misogynist, fool, infantile, sick, narcissist — with the Muslim ban we can now add heartless & evil to DT's repertoire."

Reiner also mistakingly referred to the new order as a Muslim ban. And, of course, Michael Moore can't go a day without using Trump as a platform to launch the second half of his career.

This outrage, of course, is nowhere to be found when there actually is a terrorist attack and countless lives are lost. In the aftermath of any of those tragedies, celebrities merely tweet that they "stand with" with whatever people or area are affected — then quickly get back to their privileged lives.

The vast majority of stars don't fire up their social media accounts over wars, injured veterans, fallen soldiers, terrorist victims, persecuted Christians, or women and social groups stripped of their rights in Middle Eastern countries. Those things just aren't as "in vogue" as misunderstanding a policy and then spreading incomprehension to countless others — taking strong swipes at the new president in the process.

The cultural fear-mongering from anti-Trumpers has reached a new level, and celebrities are feeding the fire with their opportunism, ignorance and blatant bias.

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