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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trans Activists Attack Feminists For Displaying ‘Genital-Based Womanhood’

Editor’s Note: This article contains graphic terms, images, and subject matter.


Pop some popcorn, because some bitches and fake bitches are having a catfight about pu–ies.

Left Twitter is saying white, college-educated feminists in specific, and reams of American women in general, are white supremacists. Why? For connecting vaginas and women. You might say women and vaginas are inherently and inseparably connected, but stop being so transphobic before someone commits suicide.

Check out these reactions to the Women’s March on DC this past weekend, which featured “pussy hats,” giant sculptures and pictures of vaginas, and other things appropriate for public displays in front of children and fellow citizens just visiting public property. How disgusting, just assuming that #YesAllWomen have vaginas.

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