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Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump pokes Democrats on Twitter with book suggestion

Trump pokes Democrats on Twitter with book suggestion
By Rebecca Savransky - 04-17-17 09:04 AM EDT

President Trump on Monday poked at Democrats on Twitter by touting a book titled "Reasons to Vote for Democrats," which features about 260 blank pages.

"A great book for your reading enjoyment: 'REASONS TO VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS' by Michael J. Knowles," the president tweeted.

The book, "Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide," reached the top spot last month on Amazon's bestseller list, The Washington Post reported.

The book has a table of contents that includes chapters such as "Foreign Policy" and "Homeland Security."

But the rest of the book is blank.

Last month, Knowles, who writes for the conservative website The Daily Wire, talked about his research process for the book during an interview on "Fox & Friends."

"What's really great about this book, you can go cover-to-cover in about 15, 20 seconds," he said.

"It took a very long time to research this book," he continued.

"I've been observing the Democratic Party for at least 10 years now, and when I observed their record and reasons to vote for them - on reasons of economics or foreign policy or homeland security or civil rights and so on - I realized it was probably best to just leave all the pages blank."

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