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Monday, April 17, 2017

Pelosi heckled in SF: ‘Warmonger! Criminal! You’re planning war with Russia!’

During a Tax March protest speech in front of a seemingly friendly audience in San Francisco on Saturday, Nancy Pelosi was relentlessly heckled by at least one attendee.

As Pelosi’s speech was marred by a screeching microphone, a man shouted, “Vote for the other way party!”

When the House Minority Leader brought up Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, the man shouted, “You’re fighting a war with Russia!

“Warmonger! Criminal! You are all war criminals, all of you! Water boarder! You’re planning a war with Russia! You want world war!” he shouted as he was admonished by Pelosi’s fans.

“Did she know about water boarding?” he yelled as those around him told him to “shut up.”

Moments later, he continued, “You talk about promises. Eight years of war under Obama (is) enough.”

Pelosi supporters tried to drown him out as he said she was “taking away our rights.”

“Quiet please,” a woman admonished him.

When Pelosi blamed Donald Trump for poor children in America, he shouted, “We’re all poorer!”

That prompted boos from those around him.

“Will you please politely stop?” a woman said.

“They die in your city!” he shouted, “Homeless and poor are starving!”

“Quiet! Enough! Shut up!” others shouted at the heckler.

“If you’re not into it, go home,” a woman said to him.

But he, as Democrats would say, persisted and continued to heckle her.

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