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Sunday, November 13, 2016

McAllister: Leftist Identity Politics Pit Americans Against Each Other

Federalist senior contributor Denise McAllister joined “The Sean Hannity Show” on Thursday to talk about Donald Trump’s electoral victory and how the Left has divided the country by pushing identity politics.

McAllister explained how the Left has categorized, stigmatized, and labelled conservatives as something evil for decades.

“They don’t know truth, they only know propaganda,” she said about college students who have been protesting Trump’s electoral win. “They don’t see their fellow Republicans as fully integrated human beings, they see them as caricatures brought to them by SNL.”

At the 11-minute mark, McAllister explained how the Left has damaged the social psychology of our country for decades, by implanting propaganda in the minds of young people through pop culture, Hollywood, and our education system.

“We have dehumanization, we have groups pitted against groups, we have identity politics that has balkanized us to the point where we don’t see each other as human beings, and this is the kind of violence that comes out of it and it is the fault of the Left,” she said. “I want to make an appeal to the Left: think about what you’re doing when you divide people into groups and pit them against each other.”

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