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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Trump Victory was not such a Surprise for Many

The Trump Victory was not such a Surprise for Many


Trump’s victory should not have been such a surprise to most.  President Obama’s weak leadership and flawed agenda were taking the country in a direction that was far from the foundation and vision set by our forefathers.  Hilary Clinton campaigned on the policies and direction that the president and his socialist leaning administration were taking us and lost. Our United States is a Democratic Republic that had become the most powerful, most prosperous AND most generous nation that the world has ever known. We have also been the safest, most industrious, fiscally responsible, job-creating nation on earth. The divide among races had been closing, as we elected a Minority President, Senators, House Reps, governors, mayors, council persons and appointed cabinet members, Justices of the Supreme Court, CEO’s and many others to powerful positions.  Our common language and common culture brought us together. Our constitution ensured we had in place a design for who we wanted to be and how we wanted our country to be governed. There was never an entitlement culture envisioned; or, a contemplation of a welfare state when the United States was birthed. Hyphens and “isms” did not define who we were.  Leadership starts at the top. Divisiveness and race baiting should not begin at the top, as we have seen with the current administration.


As it was with many, Trump was not my first choice for president, but his road map for bringing America back to its foundations, returning it to prosperity, developing full-time jobs and promoting the general welfare of its CITIZENRY got him elected. Protecting America, securing its borders and thoroughly vetting those that enter our country are all very necessary in an age where we have prolific terrorism. His stance on rebuilding our military and supporting our veterans offered strong contrasts to the Obama administration. American allies could no longer count on our country for support and the respect that was once earned by the U.S. overseas had waned.  Obama used invisible ink while drawing his lines with our enemies!  There were increasing terrorist acts and yet the administration sought to allow more refugees from terrorist sponsored nations to enter our country, rather than set up safe havens in their own region. Americans are unable to answer affirmatively that we are safer today than when President Obama took office. Little has been done to protect our borders or resolve the flow of illegal immigration.  Our runaway National Debt increased at an alarming rate that unfairly will be carried on the backs of our children and grandchildren. Eight years after we elected President Obama, the tax code is as unfair and as complicated as it was, when he took office. 


Hilary Clinton campaigned on keeping the Obama status quo. A Hilary return to the status quo would have continued us on a path away from what built this country’s greatness. The status quo was leading us to bankruptcy. The status quo was building us into a welfare state. Status quo was bringing about an America, whose abandonment of its principals and its morality were tearing us apart from inside our homes, within our neighborhoods, and outside to the very people who have been governing us. A desire to change this direction is what got Trump elected. 


In my opinion, the vote for Trump was for His Movement and vision for America, rather than for the man, himself. A vote for Trump was against the movement, vision and the status quo that Hilary Clinton was planning to carry forward from the Obama administration. The evidence is in the fact that with all of Trumps personal flaws, he was voted into office against all odds and with most of the media viciously crucifying him throughout the campaign. However, the greatest evidence is that the Republicans were able to hold on to BOTH houses of Congress while a sitting president toured the nation in support of Hilary Clinton and the Democratic candidates for office. Doing this, he took the position that a vote for Trump and Republicans would undue “the progress” that they were making during his two terms in office.


Yes, Donald Trump, is a flawed individual. His formula for returning America to Greatness, however, apparently appealed to the electorate. What we need to do now is to allow his vision for America to have the same opportunity for success or failure that we gave President Obama, when he was elected. If not, the electorate will have the same opportunity to speak, as it did in this current election. Rioting in the streets and declaring him “not your president” is an insult to the legitimate election process and the voice of democracy within America. What would those who support such behavior have said to these same actions taken by those who had not supported President Obama’s election?


 Let us pray that President-elect Trump does surround himself with good people (as a successful CEO does), that he negotiates and compromises in good faith with Congress in order to pass effective legislation, that he initiates a fairer tax code, that he sets a realistic course for bringing jobs back to America and that he creates a truly Affordable Health Care plan. Let’s hope that he achieves the balanced budget, eliminates government waste, and brings more decision-making back closer to the states. Let’s hope that common sense, responsible legislation replaces the burdensome regulations that are crippling our energy production and strangling our small businesses. Let’s pray that reasonable accountability standards for balancing a woman’s choice are coupled with protection for the unborn child. 


A mandate for changing the course set over the past eight years is evident by the voice of the electorate, not only for the White House, but also by the retention of the majority for both houses of congress, as well as governorships and local leadership.  Those who disagree with the decisions and direction of our now legally elected leadership can do what those of us who lost out over the past eight years did: accept the will of the electorate and voice any dissent by casting your vote in the next election.


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