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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I Love the Smell of Schadenfreude in the Morning

Schadenfreude may be considered a sin in some circles. But everyone engages in it when the opportunity arises. People who say they don’t are not to be taken seriously. They’re the same people who say they never gossip.

So I don’t hesitate to admit that I’m enjoying the gloom that has settled over Hollywood, Silicon Valley, academe, major mainstream media hangouts, and, most of all, at Clinton & Associates. If I were Bill (so happy that I’m not), I’d get out of town. Hillary, hard to live with in the best of times, will be a terror.

Donna Brazile, huma Duma Bada-booma, and the many other supernumeraries who’ve hitched their wagons to this toxic star will be bringing their résumés up to date and putting in calls today. Patriotic Americanos can be forgiven for hoping that these humbugs get what they deserve — good and hard.

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