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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The very real consequences of the effort to remove John Boehner

The very real consequences of the effort to remove John Boehner


North Carolina Republican Representative Mark Meadows has filed a motion to remove John Boehner as speaker of the House. Technically it's called a motion to "vacate the chair," though it feels as though the chair has been vacant for some time already, given the absence of any meaningful opposition to Obama's agenda. Meadows is unhappy with Boehner's unwillingness to fight for Republican or conservative values (which used to be the same thing).

Of course, his motion has no chance of passing, and publicly Boehner and his cronies will probably smirk and laugh at Meadows as it is voted down, the very same way Mitch McConnell and his Chamber of Commerce mafiosi smirked at Ted Cruz when Cruz confronted McConnell about his lies concerning the Export-Import Bank.

But there are still consequences. I am reminded by the efforts by militant gays to "out" members of Congress who voted against homosexual preferences in public but in private were homosexuals themselves. This is the same thing. John Boehner's public persona is of a conservative Republican who is opposed to Obama's agenda. That's what you'd think if you saw him on the Sunday shows, or orchestrating symbolic votes on legislation that he knew would never go anywhere. But John Boehner in private is a nearly 100% supporter of the Obama agenda, which we know for a fact since he has fully funded all of Obama's initiatives, legal and otherwise, for the past five years.

So what Meadows has done will not remove Boehner from the speakership right now, but it will help to "out" Boehner as a liberal, which is exactly what he is. And that's what got establishment Republicans scared. Money is not such a problem; the Chamber of Commerce keeps them well supplied. But they need the base to be at least somewhat energized to come out and vote. There is also the matter of keeping conservative primary challengers at bay.

Every time Boehner or McConnell is "outed" by a conservative, he loses some of that support. Most people don't know the truth about these politicians, but each incident makes news, and each incident causes more and more Republican voters to learn the truth about these politicians. That's what happened in Virginia, when David Brat outed Eric Cantor, who was so busy campaigning for amnesty for "DREAMers" that he was unaware of what was happening until it was too late. Marco Rubio also "outed" Charlie Crist (politically speaking) in the Senate primary, leading to his defeat as well.

This motion will not defeat Boehner today, but he's got to be nervous when he makes this kind of news.

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