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Monday, July 27, 2015

Hillary announces vision for America: A Solyndra in every home

**Written by Doug Powers

Maybe it should be considered a positive sign that so early in Hillary's campaign she's already completely devoid of original ideas and is just taking the "Obama's cronyism stimulus x 2" approach:

Promising more than a half-billion solar panels by the end of a first term and an ambitious target of clean energy for every home in Americain a decade, Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled goals on Sunday evening to reduce the threat of climate change.

She said she would continue President Obama’s sweeping plan to limit carbon emissions from power plants, and announced targets that even push beyond current goal’s for greenhouse gases.

Mr. Obama’s proposed regulations are expected to be finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency in August, and the real work of making the changes — shutting down coal plans and increasing the number of renewable electricity sources — would fall to the next administration.

The Clinton campaign said the goals, set out on its website in a video, were the first of a six-plank plan to address climate change that Mrs. Clinton would continue to unveil in coming weeks and months.

The "fighting climate change" video Hillary's campaign put out contained images of the Wright Brothers, the American flag being raised on Iwo Jima during WWII and the Apollo 11 moon landing. Maybe since all those things burned plenty of fuel in the process, she's blaming those achievements for contributing to the problem. 

What's the scope of Hillary's planned course of action against "climate change"?

Mrs. Clinton’s pledge to produce “enough renewable energy to power every American home within 10 years of taking office" — that is, by 2027 — is even more ambitious than Mr. Obama’s plan.

Unless she's found a way to retroactively harness the kinetic energy from the "delete" button on her keyboard and supply it to every American home, this is a totally undeliverable promise. But anything beats talking about her emails. 

**Written by Doug Powers

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