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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Can our border problems get any worse? Oh yeah, they can

Can our border problems get any worse? Oh yeah, they can

Rick Moran

A US district judge has just invited hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant from Central America to come to the US and make themselves at home.

Judge Dolly Gee issued a ruling that could lead to the release illegal alien children and their parents from detention. The illegals are part of the flood of aliens from Central America who arrived at the border in the last few months.


The U.S. government is violating a 1997 settlement by detaining unauthorized immigrant children, and an order may be forthcoming to require the release of the minors and parents detained with them, a judge in California has ruled.

The ruling on Friday by U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee follows an influx across the U.S.-Mexico border of immigrants from Central America.

The flood of immigrants has slowed from peaks last year, but is still high, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said earlier this summer.

The latest ruling on detentions represents a defeat for U.S. immigration authorities, who in court filings argued releasing undocumented immigrant children with their parents encourages families in Central America to undertake the dangerous journey north.

Gee ordered U.S. officials to present arguments for why she should not issue a ruling to require the release of immigrant children and a parent, usually a mother, detained with the minor. The judge indicated a willingness to implement such a ruling within 90 days.

Her 25-page ruling would provide for keeping a parent in custody if the person is a "significant flight risk," and in some cases the decision envisions releasing a child to another family member in the United States.

Detainees have testified to overcrowding in U.S. Customs and Border Protection holding cells where they were detained before being turned over to another agency, Gee wrote.

"Children and their mothers were held for one to three days in rooms with 100 or more unrelated adults and children, which forced children to sleep standing up or not at all," wrote Gee, who is based in Los Angeles.

Her ruling is based on a 1997 class-action settlement in an immigration lawsuit brought years before against federal officials. The agreement required the federal government to minimize detention of immigrant children.

Absolutely nuts. If, as expected, the judge issues a ruling releasing the illegals, that will be the last we see of most of them. They are all "significant flight risks" given that if they see the inside of an immigration court, they will probably be sent back home.

Word of this ruling will start another exodus from Central America, whose citizens are already overwhelming our immigration facilities. Until someone does what's necessary to stem the human flood, overcrowding of our detention facilities will only get worse.

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