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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obama’s dark side - Washington Times

Obama’s dark side - Washington Times

President Obama’s ugly campaign is backfiring. With bad news clouding over our struggling nation, Americans are sick of all the political lies, such as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claim that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years and the Obama camp’s inference that the Republican presidential candidate was guilty of a felony related to his business background. A defensive Mr. Obama even stopped hiding from the press for a few minutes on Monday to stammer, “We point out sharp differences between the candidates, but we don’t go out of bounds.” Yeah, right.
Increasingly fewer voters are buying what Mr. Obama is selling. According to Gallup, Mr. Obama is losing to Mr. Romney by 2 points, 47 percent to 45 percent. Even more telling, only 36 percent approve of Mr. Obama’s management of the economy, and a mere 30 percent support the president’s handling of federal deficits. On top of those dire numbers is the fundamental disconnect between Mr. Obama’s left-wing dogma and background as a community agitator with the normal views of Main Street USA. His animosity for the average voter was made plain when he sneered about mainstream Americans bitterly clinging to their guns and religion. Now the president is targeting those people’s beliefs.

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