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Thursday, August 30, 2012

CORNYN: Path to a Republican Senate - Washington Times

CORNYN: Path to a Republican Senate - Washington Times

As our nation enters the final two months of another spirited election, Republican Senate candidates are on offense in states Democrats won in 2006. A record of broken promises coupled with an unprecedented attempt to push through an extreme liberal agenda has put Democrats in the unenviable position of being forced to play defense and facing daunting odds in areas where just a few short years ago they cruised to victory.
Democrats including Jon Tester of Montana, Bill Nelson of Florida and Sherrod Brown of Ohio find themselves on defense because they promised to be independent voices for their constituents while committing to support a balanced approach to managing our country’s finances. Instead, they have amassed voting records that consistently side with President Obama and his far-left agenda, which includes passing a $800-plus billion stimulus program that has not helped our economy create the jobs Americans desperately need. The stimulus was found to be filled with unnecessary and wasteful spending that simply helped feed the appetites of spend-hungry lawmakers.
Senate Democrats also are struggling to explain why they have endorsed harmful environmental regulations that are hurting our nation’s energy producers. From the infamous cap-and-trade legislation to new Environmental Protection Agency rules to killing the Keystone XL pipeline, they have allowed this administration to run roughshod over businesses seeking to help lessen our dependence on foreign oil.
Perhaps the biggest question for Senate Democrats today is why they provided key votes to ram through a government takeover of our health care system. Before forcing Obamacare through Congress, Senate Democrats promised it would help lower health care costs, reduce the deficit and ease the burden on working families. Independent experts say Obamacare will increase the cost of health care by thousands of dollars per family and is slated to cost more than $1 trillion. This summer, the Supreme Court labeled it a massive tax on the American people.

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