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Friday, August 17, 2012

Chains : Charlie Daniels

Chains |

"They’re gonna put ya’ll back in chains"

It's a little beyond belief that the Vice President of the United States of America would stoop, no not stoop, grovel is a better term, to such ridiculous and inflammatory rhetoric for any reason.

I guess we've come to expect just about anything to come out of Joe Biden’s mouth, but this is beyond the pale, even for him. His statement was totally irresponsible and offensive to any American with enough gray matter to recognize it for the desperate political trash that it is.

I'm especially offended by his remarks because I have memories as a child standing on the courthouse square of a small town in Georgia and hearing a dried up weasel of a man running for governor make a campaign speech, a big part of which was about what he would do to hold the black race down.

And by the way Mr. Biden, this man was a Democrat.

Mr. Biden, you come from Delaware and don't even know what chains are and what the implications mean to the race you're trying to impress with your insensitive comments.

Chains mean the back of the bus, segregated schools, segregated public bathrooms and drinking fountains. It means you can't even wait for a train in the same area as white people.

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