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Monday, April 18, 2016

Iranian Backed Palestinian Terrorists Celebrate Jerusalem Bus Bombing

Katie Pavlich

Iranian backed members of Hamas, an organization made up of Palestinian terrorists, is celebrating after a bomb was placed on a bus in Jerusalem during Monday afternoon rush hour. The explosion wounded nearly two dozen people, ten were killed. 

When the explosion first occurred, it was unclear if the incident was a suicide bombing, bombing or a mechanical problem. After patients at hospitals were treated for injuries from nails, screws and other shrapnel, it was confirmed by law enforcement and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat the explosion was in fact a terror attack. 

"This afternoon in Jerusalem two buses exploded in a terrorist incident. I send wishes for a speedy recovery to all those who were wounded. We will reach the perpetrators and those who support them, and ensure those who stand behind it are held accountable," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released in a statement.  

Over the past six months, Israel has been battling a wave of deadly stabbing attacks carried out by Palestinian terrorists on innocent Israelis, including pregnant and elderly women. Today's bus bombing is a startling reminder of the Second Infitada, when suicide bombers were regularly used to kill Israeli civilians on public transportation. 

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