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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wapo, NYT Omit Obama Nominee's Radical Past | NewsBusters

Wapo, NYT Omit Obama Nominee's Radical Past | NewsBusters

On Monday, President Obama tapped Thomas Perez, currently the head of the Civil Rights Division in the Justice Department, to take the helm at the Department of Labor, replacing outgoing Secretary Hilda Solis.  This will be the third controversial Cabinet appointment after Brennan and Hagel.  In covering the story, Peter Baker of the New York Times mentioned Republican opposition to his nomination, but failed to mention Perez’s radical past preceding his service in the Obama administration, much less his controversial actions while at Justice.
According to Investors Business Daily, Perez was involved in the following:
• The Black Panthers voter intimidation case — where goons from that hate group were filmed with truncheons at the polls to intimidate voters into voting for their candidate. Perez's DOJ dropped the case.
• The Obama administration's lawsuit to stop Florida from purging its voter rolls of 182,000 non-citizens — a move so outrageous it was thrown out by a Clinton-appointed federal judge in June 2012.
• Race-baiting lawsuits against municipalities to force them to scrap written tests for police and firefighters for affirmative action hiring. According to the American Spectator's Quin Hillyer, Perez argued that black firefighter applicants who flunked 70% of their entrance exams should get a free pass to the New York firefighters academy, public safety be damned.
• Military ballots — and the federal efforts to delay those serving in harm's way overseas from exercising their right to vote — more of Perez's handiwork.
• The civil rights harassment suits against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose only "crime" was trying to enforce existing U.S. immigration law — again, Perez's work.
That’s not all, the Times omitted, but IBD reported on Perez’s radical ties to the left-wing advocacy group CASA de Maryland, which: 
…counsels illegal immigrants in ways to evade U.S. law and whose officers have ties to leftist guerrillas in El Salvador, Nicaragua and possibly Colombia. In 2008, CASA took a $1.5 million grant from the government of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, putting the group in Chavez's debt.
And there's also the matter of CASA being funded by left-wing mega-donor George Soros.  The media are always eager to hunt down conservative ties to top-dollar conservative and libertarian donors like the Koch Brothers, but Soros ties seem to cause the liberal media to stifle yawns.
Perez also has a proclivity to avoid holding himself accountable, as “a damning 250-page report released this week by Obama's inspector general found that the DOJ under Perez was a rat's nest of racial enmity, "with several incidents in which deep ideological polarization fueled disputes and mistrust that harmed the functioning of the Voting Section."  

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