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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Unserious Senate Budget | RealClearPolitics

The Unserious Senate Budget | RealClearPolitics

For years now, House Republicans have proposed responsible budgets, only to debate our actual written plan against speeches and abstract platitudes from the Democrat Party. That is why we appreciate the fact that Senate Democrats have finally presented a budget after four years of sitting on the sidelines – four straight years of not submitting a budget. Sadly, what they appear to have done is to dust off their tired old tax, borrow and spend agenda that has produced today’s stagnant economy and millions of Americans still without work.
First and foremost, the Senate Democrat plan is a federal budget that never, ever, comes into balance. That means they continue – forever – to spend more money than we have. The American people overwhelmingly support a balanced budget. They do so because they know a balanced budget results in better lives and more opportunity. So, one must wonder: are the Senate Democrats not listening or are they not up to the task?
The Senate Democrat budget raises taxes on the American people by more than $1 trillion, even after the federal government will take in a record level of revenue in 2013! They want to take more so that they can spend more in Washington. That is fundamentally unfair and irresponsible.

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