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Monday, March 18, 2013

This just in: MSNBC is a liberal opinion network - Washington Times

This just in: MSNBC is a liberal opinion network - Washington Times

Pssst. Keep this one under your hat.
MSNBC is the most opinonated of the three cable news networks.
At the primetime home of Al SharptonChris MatthewsRachel Maddow, Kirk O’Donnell and outgoing Ed Schultz/incoming Chris Hayes, “Opinion dominates reporting,” the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has learned. 
The network devotes — are you sitting down for this? — 85% of its airtime to “commentary/opinion” and 15% to “factual reporting,” as measured by the media think tank’s “news coverage index” and reported in its “State of the News Media2013.”
The corresponding opinion/news percentages for MSNBC’s cable competitors were: Fox News (55/45) and CNN (54/46).
“On cable, the news structure of the three channels — the mix of interviews, packaged segments and live coverage — has changed,” the report opines. “After relying on significantly distinct formats five years ago, the three rivals now look strikingly similar.”
Even if Pew’s own patented “news coverage index” did reveal striking differences in the coverage mixes between an opinion-dominated MSNBC and the more even balance between news and opinion found on its rivals.

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