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Monday, September 24, 2012

Islamic Leaders Seek Confrontation and Chaos, Not Compromise |

Islamic Leaders Seek Confrontation and Chaos, Not Compromise | In my opinion the current and coordinated anti-American events taking place in the Middle East are much more ominous than President Obama and the nation's media would have us believe. While a movie that supposedly disrespects Mohammed may be used by the Muslim leaders to inflame the obedient masses of Islam, I submit to you that it has little to do with the real reason for all the violence and puts the Obama administration in the unenviable position of having to choose sides between the radical Muslims and American citizens. There is no middle ground here. What the Islamists are demanding is that the U.S. passes a law forbidding the criticism of Islam, which would completely violate the First Amendment of the Constitution guaranteeing free speech, so Obama is going to have to refuse, unless he can get a change in the Constitution eliminating the most fundamental freedom in America ratified. Something that is likely to happen when the Rocky Mountains crawl across the continent into the Pacific Ocean.

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