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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Democratic Dictionary

A Democratic Dictionary There is an old saw that if you torture statistics enough, they will tell you whatever you want to hear.  Words are like this, too. In the interest of clarity during the current campaign season, here is a brief lexicon of how Democratic officials use words: cost curve, bending down of.  n. phrase.  a way on paper to reduce federal spending without actually having to reduce federal spending draconian.  adj.   any proposed reduction, however minor, in the long-term growth of federal spending entitlement.  n.  a government formula to provide benefits to people who are not otherwise entitled to them extreme. adj.  1. any political position supported by conservatives fair share.  n. phrase.   indefinite number;  any number greater than the current top tax rate gridlock. n.  Congressional inactivity caused by Republican obstructionism.  See special interest investment. n.   any federal spending,  especially any federal spending where an actual economic return cannot possibly be measured leadership,  American.  n. phrase.  a process in which American leaders reach out to Russia and China, in order to give them a UN Security Council veto over American foreign policy loophole.  n.  a provision of law, either deliberate or inadvertent, in which an economic activity has somehow escaped taxation

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