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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The race card is a joker - NY Daily News

It’s racial code, we’re told, when Newt Gingrich accuses Barack Obama of being America’s “food stamp President.” It’s an assault on low-income Americans, some pundits insist, when Mitt Romney says he’s “not concerned” about the very poor, who he said have a safety net.

There’s more. When Gingrich assails Obama as “entertainer-in-chief” because the President crooned some Al Green, we’re told by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Gingrich is depicting the singing Obama as a “minstrel.” Oh, really?

Charges of racism and class warfare, I think, should be made of firmer stuff.

When I watch MSNBC and read plenty of liberal commentary online, I get the distinct feeling that I am not living in 21st century America, but in some imagined past where racism is still an all-pervasive, all-powerful bogeyman.

Andrea Mitchell, among others, decried Gingrich’s racial overtones as “dog whistles” to whites. Chris Matthews piped in, accusing Gingrich of the racially charged use of “Juan” when Gingrich answered a question from journalist Juan Williams during a South Carolina debate.

MSNBC’s white anchors seem to think they know more about race and racism than I do. Their obsessed daily rants insist that almost everything the Republicans do is really about sending messages to white people about black people. Says who? Don’t they realize that when they overreach in playing the race card, it is a vicious insult to the intelligence of millions?

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