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Friday, July 28, 2017

"Bernie Goldberg: Trump Won’t Get Anything Done With ‘Chaos’ [VIDEO]"

Bernie Goldberg: Trump Won’t Get Anything Done With ‘Chaos’ [VIDEO]
By Amber Athey
28 Jul 2017, 11:42 AM

Journalist Bernie Goldberg is sick of the “chaos” in the Trump administration, asserting that the president won’t be able to get anything done with so many distractions.

In a Fox News interviewFriday morning, Goldberg partially agreed with Trump’s assessment that a lot of attacks on the administration are coming from internal leaks. Regardless, he argued, Trump will be unable to accomplish his agenda if he cannot calm the waters.

“The results will be how we determine his presidency, but as long as this chaos goes on we will not get any results,” Goldberg declared. “Do you think GOP senators and congressmen and women, do you think they’re gonna stick their necks out for this guy?”

Goldberg also assessed that Trump’s low popularity rating will hurt him because he is not appealing to people outside of his base, and may even be losing people who voted for him, because they aren’t seeing results.

“He’s not going to get anything done with this chaos going on,” Goldberg reiterated.


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