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Monday, May 8, 2017

Everyone Relax, Europe Can Continue Imploding Now

Let’s play a game of pretend.

In Pretend Europe, business is booming, young people are marrying, and in their optimism about a bright and cheery future, they’re having multiple children, sending them to parochial school, and creating a new generation of patriotic, dutiful citizens. The problems, few as they are, come in the form of irrationally hateful, xenophobic, crazies who disrupt the public square, set cars on fire, and commit random acts of terrorism killing hundreds. They focus their hate on new immigrants and the poor.

Spend some time listening to the news and that’s the impression one gets. All is well. Really, all is swell – if it weren’t for the racist, bigoted, selfish haters. Europe is great. Better than ever. Nothing to worry about.

No one with a brain and eyes to see, believes this. Europe is not well. Europe is crushing itself under the weight of its own decay and moral rot. That’s lead to financial stagnation. The continent is filled with citizens, like in Greece, who wink and nod and receive their disability payments and do nothing, live at home, marry late if at all, and have a child, maybe.

Meanwhile, the consequences of being quislings in the face of the Syrian conflict came home to roost in the form of beleaguered hordes slowly marching over European borders. Millions seek escape from tyrannical governments and no jobs and no futures. The Muslim migrants are to Europe what Californians are to America: leaving behind the consequences of their failed ideology while importing those pernicious ideas into their new lands.

It will not end well.

But don’t say that out loud. Well, say it out loud, bigot, and be shunned.

France has a typical European socialist as President now. Time to celebrate! There will be no honest reflection or assessment of where France is at. That’s too painful.

Europe can continue with their beautiful delusion. Languid, supine, self-righteous, and self-destructive.


France dodged a Trump-like LePen bullet. That’s something to feel good about.

At least, it’s pretty to think so.

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