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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Update: Betsy DeVos's Classy Response to Disrespectful Graduating Class

Cortney O'Brien 

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was greeted rather unkindly by students at the Bethune-Cookman commencement ceremony Wednesday. Instead of the routine applause one usually offers to the keynote speaker, graduates turned their backs to DeVos and booed her mercilessly. The school president did try to get the students to simmer down, even warning them at one point that their diplomas would be "mailed" to them if they didn't behave accordingly. The threats were to no avail, as students continued to rudely drown out DeVos' speech.

Instead of becoming bitter, DeVos shared the following message on Twitter Wednesday night.

DeVos is working hand-in-hand with President Trump to protect Historically Black Colleges and Universities and making it a White House priority.

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