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Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Awful Silence

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Lord, you put before us the choice between life and death. One hundred years ago today, Margaret Sanger opened what would become Planned Parenthood. Today they celebrate their choice of death. Lord, have mercy on us. Purge this spirit from our midst and heal the damage to our national psyche.

And as You knew us in our mother’s womb, You know the millions ripped from their mother’s wombs. You know the plans You had for them. Oh, Lord, how You must grieve.

Even a moment of silence to remember those taken raises in us overwhelming anguish. In our silence, their silence thunders. Oh, Lord, how it hurts.

Lord, the plunder of your greatest treasures must end. Lord, we pray you will give us the strength, the fortitude, the wisdom, the craftiness, the canniness, the passion, the persistence, the words, the actions, the chance to set America’s choice back to life. Let us declare prophetically that a century from now, abortion will be as defeated, distant and despised as Auschwitz and Dachau.

Lord, you put before us again on this anniversary the choice between life or death. Let it be life.

In Jesus’ mighty Name,


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