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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Time For A Coup? Faith In The Military Soars As Trust In Media, Politicians Plunges

When Sheriff David Clarke declared it's "pitchforks and torches time," he may have been on to something.

With a record low 19% of Americans trusting the government and belief in the media collapsing, it appears "we, the people" have faith in only one group... the military.

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Trust in government has collapsed...



And America's trust in media remains at historical lows...

So with no trust in government or the media, who do the American people still have faith in?

One-third of the public (33%) has a great deal of confidence in the military and an additional 46% say they have a fair amount of confidence. The high ranking of the military is consistent with a 2013 Pew Research Center survey, which found 78% of the public said the military contributes “a lot” to society.


So, is it time for a military coup in America?

Source: Pew Research

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