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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Is a front runner fading in Iowa?

Is a Frontrunner Fading in Iowa?

  • Jan 30, 2016

In an interesting turn of events, Ted Cruz has decided to shift his negative spending from Donald Trump to Marco Rubio. Per Time:

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio declared Friday that he had clear momentum in the final days before the Iowa caucus, citing as evidence a decision by his chief rival Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to shift negative ad spending away from Donald Trump to attack him.

“Obviously they must be concerned about something,” Rubio said of the Cruz campaign at a stop along the Mississippi river in Muscatine. “You don’t spend money against a candidate if you’re not concerned about them.”

But Rubio’s top aides also fiercely denied that a good debate performance Thursday, and the new concern from Cruz, could give the Florida senator a shot at second place in the Iowa caucuses, behind Cruz or Trump. “There is no question we are feeling some wind at our back,” said Todd Harris, Rubio’s political strategist. “And there’s no question that we had a great debate night, but it’s very hard to compete with the greatest show on earth and the greatest ground game in Iowa history. And so we feel very confident that what we need to do here is finish a strong third.”

Rumors have been circulating that Trump's ground game in Iowa is not nearly as advanced as that of Cruz or Rubio.  Iowa caucus polling is inconsistent, but it may be that Cruz's internal polls are suggesting that this is a two man race between him and Rubio. If that's true, Cruz absolutely needs to win in Iowa.  Source: AAN

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