ISIS-Linked Militants Behead 15 Family Members of Afghan Police Officers

by AWR Hawkins

Sep 26, 2014 4:05 PM PT

On September 26, Afghan officials said ISIS-linked militants launched an offensive into Afghanistan's Ghazni province, killing over 100 persons -- 15 of whom were beheaded.

The ISIS-linked militants launched the offensive alongside Taliban fighters. 

NBC News reports that the persons beheaded were all "family members of local police officers." 60 homes were set on fire in addition.

Afghan special forces were airdropped into the area to counter the offensive, which has now "been nullified."

Afghan officials said Taliban fighters "from different regions of the country were involved in the offensive," but "the drive was being led by masked men wearing camouflage who carried the black flag of ISIS." The masked men claimed allegiance to "Daish," a name jihadi groups sometimes use interchangeably for ISIS. 

On September 3, the Express Tribunereported that Taliban factions in Afghanistan and Pakistan were referring to ISIS as "Daish."

NBC News quoted Chatham House's Dr. Gareth Price as saying: "Given the factionalizing that seems to be happening in the Pakistan Taliban, it's not surprising that a group has decided to show allegiance to [ISIS]."

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