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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Obama in no mood to talk ObamaCare

Obama in no mood to talk ObamaCare
By Elise Viebeck - 10-27-13 11:36 AM ET

President Obama was not in the mood to field questions about ObamaCare during his walk to church on Sunday.

"C'mon guys. I'm going to church," Obama reportedly said when asked if the law's troubled enrollment website would be ready by Nov. 30.

The exchange comes after a tough week for the White House on ObamaCare.

Federal health officials are still trying to fix, the dysfunctional website where millions are meant to purchase health coverage by the end of March.

The administration announced Friday that the repair effort will be finished by Nov. 30 in order to give consumers time to choose plans by mid-December, the cutoff for coverage that begins in January.

The first family attended the 11 a.m. service at St. John's Episcopal Church in downtown Washington, D.C.

The parish is located a short walk from the White House across Lafayette Park.

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