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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dana Rohrabacher warns John Boehner on speakership - Rebecca Elliott -

Dana Rohrabacher warns John Boehner on speakership - Rebecca Elliott -

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) says Speaker John Boehner should be ousted if he rams through an immigration bill without majority Republican support.
“If Speaker Boehner moves forward and permits this to come to a vote even though the majority of the Republicans in the House—and that’s if they do—oppose whatever it is that’s coming to a vote, he should be removed as Speaker,” Rohrabacher said on World Net Daily radio on Monday.

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Rohrabacher was responding to Boehner’s assertion that immigration reform is at the top of his legislative agenda and his suggestion in an interview with ABC last week in which he would not rule out pushing a bill through without the support of a majority of his party, a violation of the so-called “Hastert rule.”
“I would consider that a betrayal of the Republican members of the House and a betrayal of the Republicans throughout the country,” Rohrabacher said.
Boehner assured conservatives in a closed-door meeting Tuesday that he would not not violate the Hastert rule for immigration,

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