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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GAFFNEY: Obama's surrender - Washington Times

GAFFNEY: Obama's surrender - Washington Times
The White House billed last week’s address by President Obama as a major foreign policy address. Indeed, it was. It was tantamount to a surrender speech in what is most accurately described not as the War on Terrorism, but as the War for the Free World — for that is what is at stake if we lose.
Of course, Team Obama clearly meant the take-away from his remarks to be about tactical adjustments, not strategic defeat — hence, the focus on changes he was announcing to U.S. policy and practice with regard to drones and Guantanamo Bay.
With respect to the former, the president severely restricted the use of one of the few tools he has used offensively against what he calls “core al Qaeda” and the leadership of some of its affiliates. Henceforth, under circumstances where a direct and imminent threat is posed to the United States and no collateral damage will be caused to innocent civilians, strikes from remotely piloted vehicles will be mostly conducted by the military.

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