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Thursday, May 23, 2013

EDITORIAL: Homegrown jihad - Washington Times

EDITORIAL: Homegrown jihad - Washington Times

George W. Bush employed an anti-terrorism strategy of taking the fight to the enemy abroad “so we do not have to face them here at home.” Barack Obama has replaced that with welcoming the enemy to our shores and bestowing on him American citizenship.
This puts the nation in peril. Prior to the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, Islamic terrorism in America was almost nonexistent. Since then, we’ve seen the attacks multiply: first, Sept. 11; then Fort Hood, Texas; and the Boston Marathon.
The trend is likely to continue; we’re dealing now with terrorists who are foreign-born American citizens, legal permanent residents, second-generation immigrants and those radicalized mostly within the United States. That’s because we’ve recently begun importing radical Islam, taking in larger and larger numbers of immigrants from Middle Eastern countries, some of whom are given to violent jihad.
From 2003 through 2012, the United States admitted about 1.3 million legal immigrants from Muslim-majority countries. About 850,000 persons from those countries have become citizens, according to the latest Department of Homeland Security statistics.
The change is reflected in the rise of Islam in the United States. The American Mosque Study estimates that the number of mosque participants grew from a half-million in 1994 to 2.6 million in 2011. This growth is amplified by the higher Muslim birthrate.

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