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Monday, March 6, 2017

MIKA FREAKS: Trump presidency ‘fake and failed’ — ‘My mind is closed

Mika Brzezinski, a “journalist” co-hosting “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, condemned Donald Trump’s presidency this morning in very visceral terms.

After the allegations that Barack Obama’s administration wiretapped Trump Tower at the height of the campaign, Brzezinski has officially closed her mind to the Trump presidency.

“I had hope and an open mind and I have lost hope completely and my mind is closed. This presidency is fake and failed,” she said.

Earlier in the show, Brzezinski was in tears.

“We are at a low point in American history and I don’t know how anybody can defend this president, even if it’s their job. Like you’ve got to have a job after this. You’ve got to look in the mirror after this,” Brzezinski said.

“Sarah Huckabee or whoever is speaking out next. You have to look in the mirror and think about this country after this is over. You need to think of the end game here, because there isn’t one at the rate we are going,” her voice cracking.

“This is not funny,” Brzezinski later said. “This is really bad. Just for the record, we are all really nervous. So if people out there feel nervous, we do too. We don’t think this is funny.”

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