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Friday, March 17, 2017

Dem Rep: Best Way to Oppose Fake News Is By Watching MSNBC

Leah Barkoukis 

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu thanked MSNBC during an interview Thursday for their coverage of President Trump.

Lieu and host Ali Velshi were speaking about Trump’s interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson when the issue of Barack Obama wiretapping him was discussed. 

“He could have just asked his intel folks about wiretapping instead of making stuff up because of stuff he saw on the news,” Lieu said. “We know that President Trump is basically lying about this. That’s what [FBI Director James] Comey is going to testify to next week.”

The two discussed the issue a bit more as well as talked about Lieu’s recent House resolution to combat fake news.

“The best way to oppose fake news is for people to watch outlets like MSNBC where you report real news all the time,” the California lawmaker said. “Keep in mind, the president is scared that people will watch MSNBC so you must be doing something right. Thanks for speaking truth to power.”

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