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Monday, February 13, 2017

Hillary is Running Again"

"Great news for her taxidermist, and for Trump, bigly!"

"Running from what, the law?"

"Great! They’ve got four years to get her psychiatric meds balanced!"

"She was so tired and worn out this time around. There’s no way she’ll be able to handle a campaign at 73 years of age....assuming she’s even on this side of the sod."

"Her alcoholism is only going to get worse. She won’t be able to run to the toilet in four years."

"What’s the matter, did her million dollar contributions from terror states to her personal money laundering fund mysteriously dry up with absolutely no correlation to other events?"

"The house landed, the ruby shoes were removed."

"If Hillary were dead she could still carry New York and California!"

"She prolly not gonna be out of prison in time."

"“My brother-in-law, a retired deputy sheriff who lost his mind and became a liberal several years ago, thinks Hillary would be the most wonderful president ever. “ Question, have you taken away all his firearms?

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