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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rev. Graham Bluntly States the Truth: ‘Islam is Not a Peaceful Religion…They Butcher, They Behead People’

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Rev. Graham Bluntly States the Truth: ‘Islam is Not a Peaceful Religion…They Butcher, They Behead People’ 

The Reverend Franklin Graham is a man of principled conviction. I admire him and his father beyond words. He’s stating the blunt truth here – Islam is not peaceful. They crucify, torture, behead, stone, burn, mutilate, hang and shoot innocent people… they slaughter, rape and conquer everywhere they go. Duke backed down because it hurt their pocketbook and it was bad PR, not because it was the right and sane thing to do. They obviously know nothing about Islam either, or they would know that once prayers are held somewhere, the place is believed to belong to Islam. The Ummah believes they have conquered America from within. Graham is one of the few that are brave enough to say what we all know. It will take millions to defeat the soldiers of Allah here in the US and worldwide.

Yazidi women and children flee Iraq to escape from the forces of the Islamic State. (AP)


Reverend Franklin Graham, son of world-renowned evangelical preacher Billy Graham, said that “Islam is not a peaceful religion” and wherever you go where it is dominant, you do not find “evidence of peace” but instead find adherents who “butcher” and “behead people,” and “take women and rape them.”

“Islam is not a peaceful religion, there’s nothing peaceful about it,” Rev. Graham told WNCN News in an interview about Duke University’s plan (now cancelled) to allow the Muslim Call to Prayer from the bell tower of the campus’ Christian chapel.

“You can’t go anywhere in the world, whether it’s Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia — where Christians and Jews were killed years ago and removed from their country — all the way to Iraq, Syria, there’s nowhere where you see evidence of peace,” said Graham, who heads the international relief group Samaritan’s Purse.

“They butcher, they behead people, they take women and rape them,” he said. “If you’re from another religion, the Yazidi women up on Mt. Sinjar, we saw in northern Iraq, up in the Kurdish areas, those girls were taken and they’ve been sold to other Muslim men and they’re used as sex slaves, and Islam permits slavery.”

So, I’m very discouraged at the ignorance of the people at Duke University, the leadership, in not understanding what they’re doing and not understanding Islam,” said Graham, who is president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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