Hillarynomics: Clinton Blames 'Shorthand' for Gaffe that Businesses Don't Create Jobs

by Tony Lee

Oct 28, 2014 6:55 PM PT

Another day, another Hillary Clinton clean-up attempt. 

After emphatically declaring last week that businesses and corporations do not create jobs, Clinton, blaming her poor use of shorthand, claimed on Monday that she was actually referring to her stance against "tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs or stash profits overseas." 

"I shorthanded this point the other day, so let me be absolutely clear about what I’ve been saying for a couple of decades: Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs here in an America where workers and families are empowered to build from the bottom up and the middle out—not when we hand out tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs or stash their profits overseas," Clinton backpedaled on Monday while campaigning for Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), according to USA Today.

On Friday at a campaign appearance in Massachusetts, Clinton—perhaps in an attempt to one-up left-wing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), whom the liberal base wants to challenge her—said, "Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs." Her remarks were reminiscent of Obama's infamous "you didn't build that" remarks at a 2012 campaign rally in Virginia.

Before a potential 2016 run, Clinton has made gaffe after gaffe since re-entering the public arena after departing from the State Department. During her book tour earlier this year, Clinton made what she later conceded were "inartful" comments about being "dead broke" after leaving the White House. She then said illegal immigrants from Central America should be deported before saying some illegal immigrant juveniles should be allowed to apply for asylum in their home countries. Her waffling on immigration led Jorge Ramos to ask her if she had a "Latino problem."