White House Reporters Question Obama About Sleep, Mt. Fuji Ice Cream Dessert

by Tony Lee

Apr 25, 2014 10:35 AM PT

On Friday in Japan before President Barack Obama took off to South Korea, mainstream media reporters had a few moments to ask Obama about the most pressing issues. 

Instead, they asked about how well he slept and whether he liked his ice cream dessert that was in the shape of Mt. Fuji. 

According to pool reports, the Associated Press's Julie Pace asked Obama if he slept well. Obama replied, "I'm still on 4 am time." 

Then, Obama was asked about ice cream, according to pool reports: 

Another reporter asked Obama if he like the ice cream dessert in the shape of Mt. Fuji served at the state dinner. Obama nodded, saying, "They have the green tea at the bottom that I've spoken of having when I was six, and I was very pleased," Obama said. "It was delicious."