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Thursday, April 26, 2012

DECKER: The Obama re-election myth - Washington Times

DECKER: The Obama re-election myth - Washington Times

The Obama campaign machine is firing up, and its most important fuel is the media. For the millions of Americans who get their news from the networks, most cable programs or the average kneejerk liberal newspaper, it’s a foregone conclusion that President Obama will get a second term. This is supposedly because the economy is rebounding and Mitt Romney is a flawed candidate. None of these pro-Barack assumptions are true.

Exhibit A in the People v. Barack H. Obama is the Rasmussen Reports poll that measures what percentage of voters believe America is on the right track versus those who fear we are heading in the wrong direction. According to data released a week ago, 65 percent of Americans say the nation is going the wrong way. A mere 27 percent think the country under Mr. Obama is going the right way. Those are devastating numbers for an incumbent.

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