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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CNN Guest Accuses Network of Waging 'War on Republicans' |

Conservative columnist Rich Galen lampooned CNN for its liberal bias during his appearance on Monday's The Situation Room. During the bottom of the 4 p.m. hour, anchor Wolf Blitzer threw water on right-wing claims that President Obama is waging a "war on religion," and Galen called him out for one-sided coverage of the matter.

GOP candidate Rick Perry had recently produced a campaign ad accusing Obama of running a "war on religion." Blitzer, noting the accusation, played a moving montage of performances from Sunday's "Christmas in Washington" pageant, attended by the President, and then asked how Obama could be considered anti-Christmas if he had attended such a public display.

Galen called his bluff as he mocked the lengths CNN was willing to go to defend Obama. "CNN just couldn't be more on one side of this thing," he attested while laughing. Galen did relent to Blitzer's point that CNN had given Perry a voice by playing his campaign ad, but continued to insist that the network was biased.

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CNN Guest Accuses Network of Waging 'War on Republicans' |

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